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After many months of work, I made this site public in 2001.  It was the Lee Valley Lions Nostalgia Site as, at that time, the senior Lions had long since gone, the Junior teams didn’t bear the name and there was absolutely nothing online about the Lions of the 80s and 90s.  I was thrilled when I was told the Lions would rise from the flames, back in 2005, and readily agreed to provide content on the new team.  From that time until I left London in 2012 I was at every home game (and plenty of away ones too), I wrote match reports, did the programme for a while, did the game sheet for a while, took photos, liaised with local press, donated £1,000 of my savings, put the website through two major redesigns and generally did whatever I could to support the team I’d been mad about since January 1986, devoting so much of my time that it cost me my first marriage.  As I initially set up the site as a fan site, at a time when there was no Lions team, I never expected, nor received, assistance towards the hundreds of pounds I’ve paid in hosting costs over the years.

After I left London I was extremely grateful to George Alley and Patrick Ayling for providing me with regular content that I could use to update the site.  This season I’ve received no news or updates, although I did offer to grant Author access to my site so that others could write content themselves.  My dedication to the Lions throughout so many years could never be questioned but clearly things change and people who once were able to help have moved on.  It is with great reluctance, therefore, that this site will no longer be updated.  If you’ve not done so already, I recommend you get updates on the team by visiting the Lee Valley Lions’ page on Facebook, where there are also match photos.

I always have, and always will, wish the Lee Valley Lions every success.

Invicta overpowered by on-form Lions

Lee Valley Lions were at home to Invicta Mustangs on 8 November for their second of four matches. After their previous meeting which saw the Lions 8 – 2 victors, the Lions knew Invicta would come out harder and faster. It must have been all too familiar for Invicta when Nick Alley found the net at 0:32, assists going to Matt Drake and Mark Robinson. The Lions carried on applying pressure and captain Jay Hepburn found the net at 6:24, assisted by Nick Alley and Mark Robinson. At 14:47 Nick Alley found the net again for his 6th goal against Invicta in two games, Matt Drake with the assist.

End of 1st Period : Lions 3 – 0 Mustangs

The second period saw a stalemate for the first 10 minutes, but at 31:24 Invicta were first to score, courtesy of Michael Stokes and Bradley Slade supplying the assist. The Lions were unable to convert their chances in the second period, but created some good scoring opportunities.

End of 2nd Period : Lions 3 – 1 Mustangs

Invicta were first to score again in the final period: Jack Luton managed to find the net with a scramble in front of the goalie James Tipple at 46:23, the assist going to Thomas Oliver Mallet. It didn’t take the Lions long to reply and at 48:48 Matt Drake scored against his former club, Nick Alley and Mark Robinson all linking up again for the second time of the evening. Invicta hit back at the Lions, a goal at 55:18 coming from Bradley Guttridge, Bradley Slade and Kwame Holt getting the assists. However, captain Jay Hepburn killed off any chances that Invicta could have had with a unassisted short-handed goal timed at 56:07.

Final Score: Lions 5 – 3 Mustangs

MOM Mustangs :
MOM Lions : Nick Alley

Nick Alley 2 + 2, Jay Hepburn 2 + 0, Matt Drake 1 + 2 and Mark Robinson 0 + 3

Lions knocked by well-drilled Islanders

Lee Valley Lions played away for the first of four encounters against Peterborough Islanders on 3 November. The Islanders thrashed Haringey the previous week 13 – 2 so the Lions knew they had a hard game ahead. In the first period the Lions spent the majority of the time in their own end defending, proving that the Islanders were as good as they expected. James Tipple, who started his first game of the season, showed he is more the capable of protecting the net for the Lions.

End of 1st period: Lions 0 – 3 Islanders

The second period began slightly differently to the first as the Lions seemed to have lost their bus legs and picked up their speed. It all kicked off when Tipple froze the puck and a Islander player was a little too close for Matt Drake’s liking. Drake tried to move the guy after he had made contact with Tipple after the whistle, he was set upon by two Islanders forcing (The Doctor) to step in. Two scraps went on in front of the net, James Hepburn leaving an Islander seeking medical attention. All involved received a 2 + 2 for roughing. The Islanders managed to find the net again before the end of the second period, but not before Stuart Spence had do defend himself against another Islanders attack.

End of 2nd period: Lions 0 – 4 Islanders

The final period seemed to be a completely different game; both teams came out knowing neither team was going to be bullied into defeat and all that was left now was to play hockey. Peterborough were first to score, but the Lions stuck at it and were finally rewarded with a goal from Matt Drake, assisted by Mark Robinson. Joe Weare was also involved in fisticuffs before the end of the game.

Final score : Lions 1 – 5 Islanders

MOM Islanders : #60
MOM Lions : #37 James Tipple

Drake 1 + 0, Robinson 0 + 1

Lions secure first win of new season

Lee Valley Lions were on the road for their first of four games against the Invicta Mustangs on 25 October. The Lions went to Invicta with every intention of taking all the points and it took no less than a minute to get things rolling. At 0:32 Nick Alley found the net for the Lions, unassisted. The Lions piled on the pressure and were rewarded with a goal at 4:57, Grant Bignell netting his first of the season with an assist from Nick Alley and a further assist from Mark Robinson. At 14:33 the Lions showed the Mustangs that they are just as dangerous on the penalty-kill as they are even-strength. Captain Jay Hepburn netted his first of the season, assisted by Jarvis Mewett and Nick Alley.

End of 1st Period Lions 3 – 0 Mustangs

The 2nd period seemed to be a different game completely as the Mustangs came out ready for a match. The Lions soaked up the pressure, speed and hits that Invicta threw at them, and within a few minutes the Lions were back dictating the flow of the game. It took the Lions a little over 5 minutes to find the net and at 25:16 Mark Robinson was able to fire home his third goal of the season, unassisted. The Lions were full of confidence at this point and at 29:28 Nick Alley was able to find the net for the second time of the night. Less than 2 minutes passed and at 31:21 Alley was able to complete his hat-trick, Grant Bignell the provider. The Lions were back at it again at 33:41, Max Gerstain securing his first goal of the season, assisted by Nick Alley.

End of 2nd Period Lions 7 – 0 Mustangs

The 3rd Period saw the Lions off to a great start, much like the 1st period, a goal at 41:55 giving Nick Alley his fourth of the night. Assists came from Matt Drake and Jarvis Mewett. The Mustangs finally got the better of Aaron Mallet at 47:25, Kwame Holt finding the net for Invicta’s 1st goal of the season, Daniel Clayton & Bradley Gutridge with the assists. At 49:15 the Mustangs found the net again, Bradley Gutridge the scorer, Daniel Clayton and Jake Luton with the assists.

Final Score Lions 8 – 2 Mustangs

MOM Invicta – Thomas Oliver Mallett
MOM Lee Valley – Nick Alley

Nick Alley 4+3, Grant Bignell 1+1, Jay Hepburn 1+1, Mark Robinson 1+1, Max Gerstein 1+0, Jarvis Mewett 0+2 & Matt Drake 0+1

Lions unlucky in London derby

The Lee Valley Lions v Haringey Racers match lived up to its London derby reputation; both teams left nothing in the locker in the first of 4 encounters, the first away at Ally Pally on 18 October.

The first 10 minutes of the game were close, with few shots fr either team. At 12:22 the deadlock was broken with a goal for the Racers, Jenner scores with a assist from former Lion Romanas Fedotovas. The Lions managed to keep the Racers at bay for the rest of the 1st period.

End of period : Lions 0 – 1 Racers.

The Racers were first to score in the 2nd period with a goal at 25:47, Osborne the scorer and Whitlock with the assist. Lee Valley Lions hit back at the Racers just before the end of the 2nd period at 38:43 as Berry found net for the Lions with an absolute screamer for the 1st goal of the season with two well-executed passes from Day and Robinson.

End of period : Lions 1 – 2 Racers.

The Racers started the 3rd period the same as the 2nd and at 44:22 Webster scored with an assist from Cooper. Before the Lions had a chance to settle the Racers scored again at 45:38, Vearse with the goal and Park with the assist. At 50:37 Robinson hit back for the Lions against his former club with a short-handed goal and an assist from Cave, giving the home team something to shout about. Berry was up to his tricks again just moments later and scored his second of the evening at 51:52, captain Hepburn was the provider. At 53:16 the pumped-up Lions used that energy and momentum to score and bring the game level at 4 – 4 with Robinson netting his second goal of the evening, Drake with the assist. The Racers knew they had a game on their hands for the last 7 minutes, but it took only 30 seconds for the Racers to edge into the lead at 53:45, Mills scoring from Jenner and Osborne. A minute later former Lion, Romanas Fedotovas, netted what seemed to be the nail in the coffin at 54:37 with an assist from Webster. However, the Lions showed real heart and hit back at the Racers almost instantly at 54:51, Fox scoring his first of the season from team mate Alley. Both teams went into the last 5 minutes knowing anything could happen, each side now fired up. The game finished with some big hits and penalties for both teams in a edgy final 5 minutes.

Final score : Lions 5 – 6 Racers

MOM Racers # 18 Robbie Vearse
MOM Lions # 15 Joseph Berry

Point scorers were as follows : Robinson 2+1, Berry 2+0, Fox 1+0, Hepburn 0+1, Day 0+1, Drake 0+1, Alley 0+1 and Cave 0+1

After the game we spoke to Joe Weare in his first game of hockey in over 2 years. He said, “Well, what can I say…? It was great to be involved in a game like today; both teams were hungry from the first drop of the puck. We worked as a team out there today, not quitting on each other and always believing in ourselves. For me this is a benchmark for us and we will look to get stronger as the season progresses. We will take this result into training and make sure we are ready for our away trip next week to Invicta next week, another derby game.”