Newspaper Reports

Waltham Forest Guardian match report: Report on the Lions losing 2-17 to the Solihull Barons on 16th December 1984
Evening Standard January 1987: Short piece on Lions’ plea for a new import following the Neil Shea fiasco
Waltham Forest Guardian September 1986: Article on Lions’ win over Premier Division side Nottingham Panthers
The Recorder September 1986: Match report/article about the Nottingham game
National Press 1986 (The Times?): Brief mention of the Lions’ game against Nottingham, written by Norman De Mesquita in a national newspaper
Evening Standard January 1985: Article about import Bill Watson, who’d broken his jaw in three places when playing against Peterborough on 27th January 1985
Waltham Forest Guardian 14/06/85: Article about Chris Leggatt joining the Lions from Streatham
Clock End Times in the Waltham Forest Guardian: An article about the birth of what would be the Clock End Times. Includes a photo of some very young Clockenders!
First Division Here We Come: Self-explanatory article from the Waltham Forest Guardian
Brief article and photo about beating Deeside 12-0
Waltham Forest Guardian article about beating Deeside: An match report about the Lions beating Deeside in a different match, the score being 9-8
Waltham Forest Guardian article on losing to Bournemouth: A match report about narrowly losing to the Bournemouth Stags 5-6
Waltham Forest Guardian article on beating Bournemouth: A match report about beating Bournemouth 8-5
Life with the Lions: Waltham Forest Guardian article about the Lions’ imports Bill Watson and Will Fish living with coach Dave Wurthman and his wife, Jan
Evening Standard October 1984: Brief article and photo about the Lions thrashing Richmond 16-1
Waltham Forest Guardian 26/10/84: Article about beating the London All-Stars and the forthcoming game against Deeside Dragons
Waltham Forest Guardian 02/11/84: A selection of articles and photos about the Deeside game
Feature on Geoff Williams: Geoff interviewed by an unknown newspaper (probably the Waltham Forest Guardian) in December 1984, prior to a game against the Solihull Barons