Players 1983-1995

Where Are They Now?

Interested in knowing what previous Lions players and staff are up to these days? Visit the Where Are They Now? page to find out. If you’re an ex-Lion please do get in touch via the Contact Us page, it would be great to feature you on the site.

All Lions’ Scorers/Non-Scorers

Click the links below to see lists of every player who ever scored for the Lions as well as every player who never scored! My thanks go to Roy Craig (father of Clockender Dave) for compiling this information.

All Lions’ scorers
All Lions’ non-scorers

Player Profiles

Click below to read profiles of numerous players that pulled on a Lions jersey over the years. Most of the information here has come from LVL match programmes.

Jari Virta
Ali Rodger
Chris Leggatt
Andy Leggatt
Danny O’Hanlon
Neil Shea
Michael Barron
Jim Graves
Dave Ducharme
Dave Hardie
Eddie Joseph
Robin Andrew
Darcy Cahill
Craig de Blois
Andrew Dickson
Al Brown
Fred Perlini
Rob McCaig
Kel Land
Steve James
Mike Fafard
Darrin Zinger
Adam Anderson
Anders Bach
Jaroslav Lycka
Jon Beckett
Campbell Blair
Mark Salisbury
Neil Stower
Jamie Grindlay
Oscar Long
Gary Dodds
Darren Fitzpatrick
Mike Moree
Mark Harding
Ludek Smelik
Martyn Barratt