Photos 1983-1995

Here are lots of photos I took or came across over the years, in nothing but order of file name. Unfortunately I don’t recall all the dates or places but feel free to update me on the details I’ve forgotten. Some of the photos were taken by me but others are from unknown sources. If you recognise a photo as being yours please let me know if you’d like a credit. Other photos were taken by Keith Berry, John Thorn and Tony Babb – these are credited when your mouse rolls over the images, as have any others where I know who the photographer was.

The late Vesa Pennanen kindly donated lots of photos from his time with the Lions and his contributions are much appreciated. Others have also been kind enough to contribute, such as fellow Clockender Mike Ewer, netminder Mel Grundy and Chris Webber, photographer for the Chelmsford Chieftains.

NB Many photos were scanned many years ago from LVL match programmes, hence why they are in black and white and not particularly good quality!

If you’d like to use any of these photos on your own site please ask for permission first. As I didn’t take most of the photos I’d need to put your request to the person who took/donated them to me.

  • Invicta Mustangs 25-09-10
80s-90s Lions: A-D

80s-90s Lions: E-H

80s-90s Lions: I-L

80s-90s Lions: M-P

80s-90s Lions: Q-T

80s-90s Lions: U-Z