London Allstars 21/10/84

Lee Valley Lions -v- London AllStars
21/10/84 (Win 10-3)

No match report or statistics available for this game. However, the match programme of 19/10/86 contained a “Blast from the Past” column, written by Peter Cook, in which the following was shown for this Challenge game:

Lions’ Scorers: Bill Watson 3+2, Alan Sandford 2+0, Dave Rapley 1+4, Fred Sandford 1+2, Dave Petrie 1+1, Simon Murray 1+1, Will Fish 1+0, Martin Bergin 0+1, Geof Williams 0+1, Vesa Pennanen 0+1

“The now defunct AllStars held their own for much of the first two periods, levelling the scores at 3-3 after 28:50, this after Lions had scored two goals in the first minute of the game. From then on the Lions showed their fitness and First Division status, with Watson again outstanding, despite playing with an injured shoulder. Having a hand in all three AllStars goals was ex-Lion Peter Doig with 2+1.

“Note: There was some contention that the third AllStar goal was also scored by Peter and not his brother. Also icing for the AllStars were Lions’ Tari Suwari and Medway’s Bob Mitura and Tony Whitehead.”

The match programme of 28/10/84 had this to say about the AllStars game:

“Last week’s challenge match against Second Division London All Stars proved a most entertaining contest, although the Lions won by 7 goals. Tony Whitehead, the old-time Wembley Lion and English international, who played for them, advised that as they had no full-size rink to practise on, it was difficult to organise pattern plays and their co-ordination suffered. The All Stars will be using Lee Valley as a home base for some matches this season, so it will be interesting to see the standard of Division 2 hockey.”