Bournemouth Stags 08/12/85

Lee Valley Lions -v- Bournemouth Stags
08/12/85 (Tie 6-6)

No match report or statistics available for this game. However, the match programme of 7/12/86 contained a “Blast from the Past” column, written by Mike Grafton, in which the following was shown for this Heineken Division One Trophy game:

Lions’ Scorers: Ari Arvila 2+2, Janne Lehti 1+2, Chris Leggatt 1+1, Geof Williams 1+1, Martin Bergin 1+0, Andy Leggatt 0+2, Gary Bayliss 0+1

“Lions were clearly shaken by the previous night’s affair and couldn’t settle on the tiny Westover ice.

“A two-goal lead at the first interval was wiped out soon after, but again, Lions’ Power Plays proved too strong for their opponents as the two-goal lead was regained. Lipsey and Yewchin scored two apiece to give Stags a 6-4 lead, a lead which was not reduced until 55:02 by Lehti. On yet another Iverson penalty Geof Williams hit the GTG with only 56 seconds remaining.

” A valuable point in their Trophy campaign against Lions’ main rivals for the Final place.”