Medway Bears 15/12/85

Lee Valley Lions -v- Medway Bears
15/12/85 (Win 8-7)

No match report or statistics available for this game. However, the match programme of 13/12/86 contained a “Blast from the Past” column, written by Peter Cook, in which the following was shown for this Challenge game:

Lions’ Scorers: Ari Arvila 2+2, Gary Bayliss 2+0, Janne Lehti 1+3, Ludek Smelik 1+1, Erskine Douglas 1+0, Eddie Joseph 1+0, Geof Williams 0+1

“A fast, exciting game in which Lions were made to fight to the finish by a hardworking Bears side. Only a slightly subdued Arvila and cool defending by Lehti rescued the Lions.

“After taking a 7-2 lead at 41:28 it looked as though a rout was on the cards but Bears answered with 4 straight goals between 42:41 and 49:48. Only a Bayliss goal kept Lions ahead and a late reply by guest player Bill Sofiak kept everyone on their seat edges.

“Outstanding was Kevin MacNaught who recorded 4+3. Also playing for the Bears was ex-Lion Steve Condren and present Lions goalie Russ Jackson, who turned aside 19 of 23 shots he faced in the two periods he iced.”