Peterborough Pirates 02/04/86

Lee Valley Lions -v- Peterborough Pirates
02/04/86 (Win 12-10)

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Additional Comments:

I don’t have any information about this game, other than the players’ names and numbers so all I can do is type what was written on the match programme introduction page by Mike Grafton, AKA Mike Ewer):

“Good evening and welcome to tonight’s challenge match with the strongest team in the Premier Division, Peterborough Pirates. The Pirates won their first home points of the season on Sunday, holding Fife to a 7-7 draw. I understand they also ran Nottingham close yesterday.”

This game was an absolute cracker and as a 14-year-old I was chuffed to catch a puck as it flew over the Clockend plexi (and Lee Valley wasn’t the type of club mean enough to insist you threw it back!).

Referee unknown, Linesmen were Harris and Moore.

*Shirt number unconfirmed.