Ben Osborne

Lee Valley Lions Player Profile

Ben Osborne – Forward

Full Name: Ben Peter Osborne

Date of Birth: 27/07/85

Place of Birth: Forest Gate, London

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 16 stone

Colour of Eyes: Blue

Shoe Size: 11

Nickname(s): Big Bad Ben, Jolly Green Giant

First Job: Equipment Manager

Family/Marital Status: Girlfriend

Current Home: Rochford, Essex

Pets: Spot, a ginger moggy (he is available to be mascot for the Lions) and tropical fish

Favourite Food: Chicken stacks, spaghetti bol, and frogs legs with pasta

Favourite chocolate/sweets: Mars bar, Milky Way and I wouldn’t mind the whole Galaxy

Worst Food: That’s easy – baked beans and sprouts

Favourite Drink: JD and Coke

Hobbies: Modifying my car, most sports, music and clubbing

Favourite room in the house and why: My room: I can chill, watch TV, play PS2, X-Box, DVDs and snore as loud as I want!

Favourite TV programmes: Bad Lads, Street Crime UK, Hollyoaks and Most Haunted

TV switch-off: X-Factor

Favourite film: Coach Carter and Snatch

Favourite music/band: Eminem

Last CD you bought: Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

First record/CD you ever bought: E17 – Steam

Most admired female: Mum and girlfriend

Best thing that’s ever happened to you: Swimming with dolphins

Former clubs: Romford 16s and 19s, Slough Harrier Hawks

Favourite hockey player: Ray Bouque

Favourite rink: Fleet Centre, Boston

Worst rink: Gosport and Invicta

Best ever game: Playing against the Under 19s Dutch side in Holland and scoring the only goal

Worst ever game: Losing 15-1 to Invicta

Worst injury: Cracking my elbow and having to have a screw put in it

Favourite shirt number: 22

Best thing about hockey: Playing, atmosphere on a game day and team spirit

Worst thing about hockey: Summer season and when there’s no games

Which other sportsman would you most like to be? Andrew Flintoff

If someone gave you £100,000 tomorrow what would you do with it? Have my car resprayed with a few extras inside; book a holiday of a lifetime for Kelly and myself. Invest some in Premium Bonds and hopefully win more so I could build a rink. Buy Mum some jewellery and Dad a Satellite Navigation System.

If you were on Mastermind what would your specialist subject be? Cars and brain surgery