Ian Courtney

Lee Valley Lions Player Profile

Ian CourtneyIan Courtney – Defence

Full Name: Ian Courtney

Date of Birth: 06/06/80

Place of Birth: Hackney

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 196lb

Colour of Eyes: Green, I think…

Shoe Size: 11

Nickname(s): Answers on a postcard…

First Job: Construction

Family/Marital Status: Going steady

Current Home: Islington

Pets: Dog called Molly

Favourite Food: Lasagne

Favourite chocolate/sweets: Jammie Dodgers

Worst Food: Vegetables

Favourite Drink: Un Stella Artois

Hobbies: PS2, snowboarding, football

Favourite room in the house and why: Rooftop garden, great view and some peace and quiet

Favourite TV programmes: Red Dwarf, The OC, Lost

TV switch-off: Reality TV, Eastenders

Favourite film: The Big Lebowski

Favourite music/band: Queens of the Stone Age

Last CD you bought: The Streets

First record/CD you ever bought: Soundtrack to South Park

Most admired female: Gwen Stefani

Best thing that’s ever happened to you: Discovering the great taste of Cherry 7-Up

Former clubs: Lee Valley, Haringey, Vancouver, UBC Stars

Favourite hockey player: John Purcell

Favourite rink: Burnaby 8 Rinks, Vancouver

Worst rink: Gosport

Best ever game: For Basingstoke’s rec team against NYPD Blue Liners

Worst ever game: Whenever we lose

Worst injury: Breaking my nose

Favourite shirt number: 72

Best thing about hockey: Nice cold beer afterwards

Worst thing about hockey: Can get a bit chilly!

Which other sportsman would you most like to be? Evil Kenevil

If someone gave you £100,000 tomorrow what would you do with it? Build an army of Evil Flying Monkeys

If you were on Mastermind what would your specialist subject be? Ricky Gervais – The Office