Rob Courtman

Lee Valley Lions Player Profile

Rob Courtman – Forward

Full Name: Robert Courtman

Date of Birth: 19/01/80

Place of Birth: London Hospital

Height: Not answered

Weight: 86kg/190lb

Colour of Eyes: Brown

Shoe Size: 10

Nickname(s): Energise bunny/Rush

First Job: Painter & Decorator

Family/Marital Status: Single

Current Home: Not answered

Pets: None

Favourite Food: Chicken

Favourite chocolate/sweets: Mars bar

Worst Food: Fresh tomatoes

Favourite Drink: Water

Hobbies: Fishing

Favourite room in the house and why: Bedroom: I like to listen to music and have sex

Favourite TV programmes: Don’t watch TV

TV switch-off: Don’t watch TV

Favourite film: Mystery, Alaska

Favourite music/band: Trance

Last CD you bought: Gatecrasher Forever

First record/CD you ever bought: Euphoria Gold – Matt Darey

Most admired female: Nicole Kidman

Best thing that’s ever happened to you: Not answered

Former clubs: Haringey

Favourite hockey player: Jarga

Favourite rink: Sheffield

Worst rink: Streatham

Best ever game: Every game is a good one, I play my heart out

Worst ever game: Cardiff away last year (2005/06) – they had 26 players and we had 9

Worst injury: Two cracked ribs and a broken collarbone

Favourite shirt number: 17

Best thing about hockey: The game

Worst thing about hockey: The refs

Which other sportsman would you most like to be? None, I like to be myself

If someone gave you £100,000 tomorrow what would you do with it? Quit my job and play hockey ’til it runs out

If you were on Mastermind what would your specialist subject be? Names of trance tracks