Alistair Band

Lee Valley Lions Player Profile

Alastair Band – Defence

Full Name: Alastair James Band

Date of Birth: 05/11/89

Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia

Height: 6′ 1″

Weight: 215lb

Colour of Eyes: Blue

Shoe Size: 10

Nickname(s): Ali, Basher

Profession: Recruitment Consultant

Family/Marital Status: With girlfriend

Current Home: My Mum’s in North London

Pets: None

Favourite Food: Chicken stuffed with brie wrapped in bacon

Favourite chocolate/sweets: Mountain Dew and Skittles

Worst Food: Liquorice

Favourite Drink: Spitfire

Hobbies: Sleeping

Favourite room in the house and why: Bedroom, my bed is there

Favourite TV programmes: None

TV switch-off: Corrie

Favourite film: Shawshank Redemption/Miracle

Favourite music/band: Imperial Leisure, indie hip-hop, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Last CD you bought: Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers

First record/CD you ever bought: Spice Girls

Most admired female: My girlfriend

Best thing that’s ever happened to you: Getting my job and meeting my girlfriend

Former clubs: Haringey Greyhounds

Favourite hockey player: Tie Domi

Favourite rink: Milton Keynes

Worst rink: Gosport

Best ever game: Against Streatham Under 19s, an awesome fight with Jack Tarcyzki

Worst ever game: Greyhounds v Invicta, I nearly broke my neck and we lost 27-0

Worst injury: Concussion and a compressed spine

Favourite shirt number: 24

Best thing about hockey: Hits and fights

Worst thing about hockey: Suspensions

Which other sportsman would you most like to be? David Beckham

If someone gave you £100,000 tomorrow what would you do with it? Invest in property and the stock market

If you were on Mastermind what would your specialist subject be? Getting drunk and making an idiot out of yourself