Andrew Boot

Lee Valley Lions Player Profile


Andrew Boot – Netminder

Full Name: Andrew James Boot

Date of Birth: 15/12/89

Place of Birth: Gravesend, Kent

Height: 5′ 8″

Weight: 121lb

Colour of Eyes: Greenish grey

Shoe Size: 10

Nickname(s): AJ

Profession: A-level student

Family/Marital Status: Single

Current Home: Hartley, Kent

Pets: None anymore, used to own two cats

Favourite Food: Noodles

Favourite chocolate/sweets: Good old-fashioned Mars

Worst Food: Mashed potato

Favourite Drink: Pear cider

Hobbies: Going out with friends is my main hobby when I’m not too busy with schoolwork (which is most of the time)

Favourite room in the house and why: My bedroom because it’s the only place that I can actually get some privacy away from my brother

Favourite TV programmes: Any music programmes on Scuzz or Kerrang!

TV switch-off: Reality TV, Big Brother etc

Favourite film: Go to the movies a lot, don’t have a favourite

Favourite music/band: Heavy metal – Killswitch Engage

Last CD you bought: Evanescence – Anywhere But Home, Bullet For My Valentine – Poison

First record/CD you ever bought: S Club 7 – Sunshine (I was about 8, so…)

Most admired female: Amy Lee

Best thing that’s ever happened to you: Changed schools for sixth form otherwise I wouldn’t have met the friends that I have today

Former clubs: Lee Valley Juniors

Favourite hockey player: Dwayne Roloson

Favourite rink: Bracknell

Worst rink: Solent & Gosport

Best ever game: First ED1 game in Gosport – we may have lost 11-0 but for my first game my stats were good and I got my picture in the newspaper

Worst ever game: A rec hockey game in Streatham, I’m going to leave the details out

Worst injury: My knee popped out of place

Favourite shirt number: 49, don’t ask why…

Best thing about hockey: Sheer speed and quick decision-making

Worst thing about hockey: There’s a bad thing about playing ice hockey??

Which other sportsman would you most like to be? Martin Brodeur

If someone gave you £100,000 tomorrow what would you do with it? Put it straight into my bank and save it for university and other arrangements

If you were on Mastermind what would your specialist subject be? I would never make it onto Mastermind anyway