Ali Rodger

Ali Rodger #3

Full Name: Alistair Rodger
Date of Birth: 1st December 1963
Place of Birth: East Kilbride
Height: 5’7″ (170cm)
Weight: 9st 4lb (59kg)
Colour of Eyes: Blue/green
Nickname: Ali
Shoe Size: 4
School Life: Didn’t like it!
First Job: Joiner
Family: Single
Home: Seven Sisters
Newspaper: The Sun
Favourite Food: Mince & tatties (tayters!)
Worst Food: Tomato
Favourite Drink: Coke, vodka and lime
Hobbies: Football
Favourite room in the house: Bedroom
Top TV programmes: A good movie
TVswitch-off: Dallas etc
Pets: None
Top music taste: Everything
Last record/tape bought: Eagles – Hotel California
First record you ever bought: A Queen LP – I cannae remember which one
Favourite chocolate/sweets: Galaxy bar
Best film: Beverly Hills Cop
Top actor: Al Pacino
Best thing that ever happened to you: Still to happen
Favourite colour: Blue
First thing you do when you get up in the morning: Open my eyes
Former clubs: Glasgow Dynamos
Favourite equipment: CCM, Koho
Favourite player: Neil McLennan, Glasgow
Favourite rink: Telford
Worst rink: Blackpool and Bournemouth!
Biggest influence: Myself
Best game: Winning 12-6 at Solihull last season
Worst game: Losing 6-7 to Lee Valley at Glasgow last season
Worst injury: Broken finger
Best stadium: Summit Centre (Glasgow)
Favourite shirt number: 3
Transport: Eddie’s car (Eddie Joseph)
Player for the future: Kenny Redmond, at Glasgow
Advice for youngsters starting in hockey? Learn to skate with the stick and always listen to the coach
Favourite hockey people: Away supporters
All-Star team: G Anderson (Glasgow), A Wood (Dundee), A Reid (Ayr), S Gough (Oxford), K King (Peterborough) and K Redmond (Glasgow)
Best game watched: Any world championship game, they’re all great!
Worst thing about hockey: Bad ice, blunt skates
What day of the week do you most dislike? Mondays
If you were on Mastermind what would your specialist subject be? How to do nothing
Which other sportsman would you most like to be? John McEnroe
If someone gave you £50,000 tomorrow what would you do with it? Have a party, a big one!
Favourite cartoon character? Tom and Jerry
Most admired female: Linda Lusardi