Darcy Cahill

Darcy Cahill #21

Full Name: Darcy Cahill

Nickname: Darce

Date of Birth: 19th August 1970

Place of Birth: Kingston, Ontario

Height: 6’0″/183cm

Weight: 13st 8lb

Joined LVL: September 1993

Lives: Walthamstow

Hobbies: Reading, eating

Best Hockey Moment: Being drafted first round OHL by Vancouver

Worst Hockey Moment: Losing in the 7th round to the Oshawa Generals in the Memorial Cup.

Favourite Rink: Calgary Saddledome

Least Favourite Rink: Medway

Quoted from the LVL programme of 26/09/93…

“Darcy has an impressive hockey pedigree which has been established on both sides of the Atlantic. He played in OHL for North Bay and Cornwall Royals where he was a first round draft pick and became one of the OHL’s all-time leading scorers.

He was then drafted to Vancouver and played 20 games for the Milwaukee Admirals. He spent a short time with the Fife Flyers before joining the Colonial league with St Thomas, where he has been for the past 2 years.

For personal goals he wants to help in junior development at Lee Valley and he is totally committed to helping the Lions achieve this season. His message to the fans – ‘Be patient, it will come but we need your support not only in numbers but also vocally!'”