Darren Fitzpatrick

Darren Fitzpatrick #14

This is not the usual Player Profile. Instead it’s a “Plus and Minus” as printed in the Clock End Times (Issue 3, 1993-1994 season). Used here with permission from Mike Ewer. (Due to the noise in the bar, the answers to some of the questions weren’t clear so had to be omitted. The interview took place after the Lions’ 13-6 win over Guildford on New Year’s Day!)


Choose 3 words to describe yourself…
Jealous, late, funny.

Which player did you idolise as a kid?
Paul Coffey in the NHL and Ron Johnson (an old Richmond import while Fitzy was in the Juniors).

Against which team did you make your debut and did you have a good game?
A Junior game v Durham. Steady game – no points.

What is the greatest game you have played in?
When playing for Richmond Juniors we beat Streatham 3-2 in the Cup.

Which current coach would you like to play for?
Alex Dampier – his record speaks for itself.

Which is your favourite rink?
Sheffield (surprise, surprise).

What is the strangest possession in your home?
My Boxer dog – eats anything – coat sleeves, batteries etc.

Which player would you like to play alongside?
Rick Brebant – has really good hands and just lifts the team.

Which position did you want to play as a kid?
Forward, but went on defence as there was more ice time.

Which team did you support as a kid?
Edmonton Oilers (Gretsky).

Which cartoon character would you have printed on a T-shirt?
Tasmanian Devil.

Who gave you your big break in hockey?
Steve Gratton.

Which uncapped player do you think should have played for GB?
Dean Edmiston (he already has) – but he should be recalled.

What’s your favourite part of the CET?
The jokes.

What’s the greatest piece of music you’ve ever heard?
House, Garage (you were fired when you answered these!).

Name the player you most admire, who plays in your position…
Darcy Cahill (God)


What’s the worst thing about you?
Stubborn. Don’t listen all the time and think I’m always right.

Which is the worst club you have played for?
Streatham two years ago – unprofessional.

Have you ever played in a relegated team?

Which rink do you hate playing at?
Streatham and Medway.

Which comedian makes you turn off the TV?
Les Dennis.

What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?
Rich Strachan broke my ankle with a slapshot when he was at Haringey.

Which exercise/drill do you hate doing in practice?
End of the Ladder drill and laps round the ice.

Which team do you hate playing against?
Telford and Milton Keynes.

Which position would you hate to play in?
Bench Coach.

Which newspaper would you use in the cat tray?
Steve James’ before he’s read it.

What is the worst hockey game you’ve seen or played in?
Milton Keynes away in December.

Hopefully we have at long last turned the corner. With a bit of luck and the growing confidence we may be able to finish around the half-way mark, especially with the better team spirit since the arrival of Paul, Rob and Fred.