Jaroslav Lycka

Jaroslav Lycka #6

Full Name: Jaroslav Lycka

Nickname: Jaro

Date of Birth: 7th October 1951

Place of Birth: Ostrava, Czechoslovakia

Height: 180cm

Weight: 176lb

Marital Status: Married to Margit, sons Danny and small Jaro

Plays: Defence

Car: Wartburg

Favourite Rink: Dundee Angus, The Lions’ Den

Previous Teams: Dukla Prague (football), Dukla Jihlava, Dundee Rockets, TJ Vitkovice, Czech National Team

International Honours: Playing for country

Favourite Players: British – Paul Smith and Tony Hand, Import – Craig Homola and Al Sims

Favourite European Player: Vyatscheslav Fetisov, USSR National Team

Best Goal You’ve Seen Scored: Jifi Sejba v Canadian National Team, 1984

Best Goal You’ve Scored: Two goals in one minute v Canadian National Team

Best Team Seen: Russian National Team

Ice Hockey Likes: Playing and winning

Dislikes: Dirty play

Superstitions: Putting equipment on in the same order each time

Boyhood Hero: Bobby Hull

Favourite Food: Alec’s ham steaks, fruit scones

Favourite Drink: Coke and 7-Up

Favourite Movie Stars: Dustin Hoffman, Jennifer O’Neill

Favourite Music: Pop, disco, rock

Favourite Groups: Boston, Nazareth, Modern Talking

Favourite TV Show: Top of the Pops

Hobbies: Tennis, music, working in the garden

Biggest Influence on Career: Jiri Lycka, my older brother

Persons You Would Most Like to Meet: Ivan Lendl and Bonnie Tyler

Ambition: For my family to be happy and healthy