Martyn Barratt

Martyn Barratt #8

Full Name: Martyn Andrew Barratt

Nickname: Baz

Date of Birth: 4th June 1968

Place of Birth: Altrincham

Colour of Eyes: Hazel

Shoe Size: 9

Height: 5’11” (180cm)

Weight: 11st (70kg)

School Life: Enjoyed it

First Job: Computer Graphic Designer

Family: Single

Home: A hovel of a bedsit in Balham

Newspaper: Daily Mail

Favourite Drink: Pils, Budweiser

Favourite Food: Chinese

Worst Food: Indian

Hobbies: Girls

Favourite Room in the House: Only got one room!

Top TV Programme: Eastenders, Dallas

TV Switch-Off: Crossroads

Pets: I’ve got some gerbils “at home”

Top Music Taste: Marillion, Dire Straits

Last Record/Tape Bought: Go West LP

First Record/Tape Bought: Wombles LP

Favourite Sweets/Chocolate: Double Decker

Best Film: Midnight Express, Aliens, Top Gun

Top Actor: Paul Newman in Slapshot

Best Thing That Ever Happened to You: Nearly being expelled from my first school. If I hadn’t changed schools I would never have met an ice skater, or taken up art, which got me my job and also into ice hockey.

Favourite Colour: Black

First Thing You Do When You Get Up in the Morning: Switch my alarm off and go back to sleep

Former Clubs: Trafford Tigers (Altrincham)

Favourite Equipment: Cooper and Bauer

Favourite Player: Tony Hand

Favourite Rink: Wembley Arena

Worst Rink: Blackpool, without a doubt

Biggest Influence: Tony Hand and Ged Smith

Best Game: Trafford beating Whitley in the Division 2 Trophy when I scored my first goal ever

Worst Game: Losing 7-1 at Telford

Worst Injury: Knocked unconscious at Bradford

Best Stadium: Wembley Arena – great atmosphere!

Favourite Shirt Number: 14

Transport: LRT and the Leggatts

Player for the Future: Ben Acquah, Paul Fleury (Altrincham)

Advice for Youngsters Starting in Hockey: Be committed 100% right from the start, you’ve got to want to win

Favourite Hockey People: Genuine hockey people

All-Star Team: Martin McKay (Dundee), Jeff Epps, Janne Lehti, Ged Smith (Altrincham), Andy and Chris Leggatt

Best Game Watched: Streatham -v- Fife, Junior Final at Wembley

Worst Thing About Hockey: Lack of junior development and inconsistent refereeing

Which Day of the week do you most dislike? Wednesday morning, after training the night before

If you were on Mastermind what would your specialist subject be? The cast history of Martyn Barratt’s Athlete’s Feet

Which other sportsman would you most like to be? Nigel Mansell

If you were given £50,000 tomorrow what would you do with it? Invest 40, blow 10!

Favourite Cartoon Character: Dangermouse

Most Admired Female: My mother

(NB Info taken from the match programme of 26th October 1986)