Neil Stower

Neil Stower #19

Full Name: Neil Terence Stower

Born: 27/11/73, Whipps Cross, Leytonstone

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 11st 7lb/73kg

Position: Right Wing

This is not the usual Player Profile. Instead it’s a “Plus and Minus” as printed in the Clock End Times (Issue 5, 24th January 1993). Used here with permission from Mike Ewer.


Choose 3 words to describe yourself…
Moody, lazy, a moaner (that’s a noun!).

Which player did you idolise as a kid, and why?
Jaro Lycka, he was an outstanding defenceman.

Against which team did you make your debut, and did you have a good game?
I first got a shift in a challenge against Peterborough. I didn’t do too badly.

What’s the greatest game you’ve ever seen or played in?
The Olympic final USSR v USA at Lake Placid in 1980.

Which current coach would you like to play for?
Eddie Joseph – I thought he was a good coach, I liked him.

Which is your favourite rink, and why?
Romford – the atmosphere – they hate us!

What is the strangest possession in your house?
None… I’m not that strange!

Which player would you most liked to have played alongside, and why?
Derek Higdon, he was a great player.

As a kid, which position did you want to play, and why?
As forward, to get all the goals!

Which player would you most liked to have played against?
Glen Moorhouse, I wanna kill him!

Which team did you support as a kid, and why?
Richmond Flyers, my Dad used to take me.

Which cartoon character would you have printed on a T-shirt?
Bugs Bunny.

Who gave you your first big break in hockey?
Eddie Joseph, he gave me my first regular shift this season.

Which uncapped player do you think should have played for GB?
Darren Bloomfield.

What’s your favourite part of the Clock End Times?
This bit, because I’m in it!

What’s the greatest piece of music you’ve ever heard?
Money For Nothing, Dire Straits.

Name the player you most admire, who plays in your position…
Darren Bloomfield.


What’s the worst thing about you?
My mornings!

Which club was the worst you’ve played for, and why?
Aldershot. Their rink was so small I used to look forward to playing away!

Have you ever played for a relegated team?
No, most of my junior clubs were in “the lowest of the low!”.

Which rink do you hate playing at, and why?
Telford. There’s too much intimidation.

Which comedian makes you turn off the TV?
Bob Monkhouse… at least HE thinks he’s a comedian, anyway!

What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?
Osgood Slatter’s Disease in the knee, it made me give up soccer.

Which cartoon character would you like to rub out?
Donald Duck.

Which exercise do you hate doing in training?
Skating (original answer), it’s boring (ditto).

Which TV programme do you always switch off, and why?
Family Fortunes ( I wonder who used to host that?)

Which sports do you hate watching?
None, I like watching all sports.

What’s the worst hockey game you’ve seen?
The game at Swindon last year with all the fights.

Which position would you hate to play in?
Goalie – you’ve got to be stupid to stand there with people firing hard black things at you!

Which team do you hate playing against?
Basingstoke, they’re very good!

Which newspaper would you use in the cat tray?
The Telegraph.

Who is the toughest player you’ve played against?
Brian Mason.

What type of food do you hate to eat?

What car wouldn’t you buy?
A Datsun Stanza.