Oscar Long

Oscar Long

Full Name: Oscar Matthew Long

Born: 18/01/75, North London

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 12st 7lb

Position: Goal

This is not the usual Player Profile. Instead it’s a “Plus and Minus” as printed in the Clock End Times (Issue 6, 6th February 1993). Used here with permission from Mike Ewer.


Choose 3 words to describe yourself…
Moody, reserved, quiet.

Which player did you idolise as a kid?
Vesa Pennanen, he was technically perfect.

Against which team did you make your debut, and was it a good game?
At Swindon in a Norwich Union Cup game, 12 mins, 12 shots, 4 goals (1990)!

Which current coach would you like to play for?
Pat Burns of Montreal, he gets respect from his players.

Which is your favourite rink?
Alexandra Palace, it’s a friendly environment.

What is the strangest possession in your house?
A broken drumstick from Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, I use it to prop the window up!

Which player would you most liked to have played alongside?
Dave Stoyanovich, he was the outstanding player from my childhood.

As a kid, which position did you want to play?
Defenceman, I liked the steadiness of the position.

Which player would you most liked to have played against?
Gary Unger, he had a bad attitude towards young goalies.

Which team did you support as a kid?
Lee Valley Lions, those Finns were great!

Which cartoon character would you have printed on a T-shirt?
I don’t think I would.

Who gave you your first big break in hockey?
John Holtham, he gave me my first regular spot at Haringey.

Which uncapped player do you think should have played for GB?
I don’t really know enough players.

What’s the greatest piece of music you’ve ever heard?
Way of the Pilgrim by Mahavishnu Orchestra (Jazz Fusion).

Name the player you most admire, who plays in your position…
Scott O’Connor


What’s the worst thing about you?
Cycling! I’m dangerous!

Which club was the worst you’ve played for?
The first Wizards team, they were always losing.

Have you ever played for a relegated team?
No, most of mine have been at the bottom already!

Which rink do you hate playing at, and why?
Medway – bad vibes – it’s a dump!

Which comedian makes you turn off the TV?
Ronnie Corbett, his stories are too long.

What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?
Touch wood…

Which cartoon character would you like to rub out?

Which exercise do you hate doing in training?
Stamina training.

Which TV programme do you always switch off?
Coronation Street.

Which sports do you hate watching?
Darts, snooker.

What’s the worst hockey game you’ve seen?
Solent v Haringey last season, we lost 9-3.

Which position would you hate to play in?
Centre – high pressure position, there’s a lot of attention on it.

Which team do you hate playing against?
Romford, because of their team attitude.

Which newspaper would you use in the cat tray?
The Sport.

Who is the most difficult player you’ve played against?
Steve Nemeth – he’s got “soft hands” (no, he doesn’t use Fairy)

What type of food do you hate to eat?
I can’t stand pasta!

What car wouldn’t you buy?