Rob McCaig

Rob McCaig #20

Full Name: Rob McCaig

Date of Birth: 5th January 1972

Place of Birth: Innisfall, Alberta, Canada

Height: 6’4″

Plays: Defence

Nickname: Kegger

Hobbies: Golf, Roller Blading, Fishing

Good Points: Aggressiveness, skating

Bad Points: Temperament

Best Rink: Lee Valley

Worst Rink: Medway

Biggest Influence: Parents

Most Admired Player: Garth Butcher

Earliest Hockey Memory: Being carried around the rink by my Dad

Most Memorable Match: First game against Dumfries – my first British hat-trick!

Worst Injury: No serious injuries – touch wood! (2001 – Rob is found to have heart problems)

Favourite Music: Alternative – Pearl Jam

Favourite Food: Pasta (tortellini)

Favourite Night Out: Good food, sight-seeing, maybe a movie

Superstitions: None

Long Term Ambition: To continue to play hockey to the best of my ability and stay healthy

How Could British Hockey Be Improved: Start organising and implementing programs to develop younger British players