Robin Andrew

Robin Andrew #6

Full Name: Robin Andrew

Date of Birth: 1954 (aged 39+ when playing for LVL!)

Place of Birth: Glasgow, Scotland

Robin lived in Quebec, Canada between the ages of 3 and 24. He returned to the UK after graduating from university in 1978 with a degree in Business Administration.

Position: Defence

Joined LVL: October 1993

Present Occupation: Technical Recruitment Consultant, running own agency catering to computer, datacom and networking industries.

Greatest On-Ice Achievement: GB Player of the Tournament in China, March 1983, World Championships Pool C.

Most Memorable Goal: My first! (The day after JFK was assassinated in November’63)

Fondest UK Hockey Memories:

1) Early 80s Streatham Redskins – classy team.
2) Alec Goldstone – what a character!
3) Nottingham Ice Rink – atmosphere 2nd to none (Robin obviously had never sat in the Clock End during the good ol’days at the Den!)
4) Playing for teams under Red Imrie and Alex Dampier.
5) Hot plates of Stovies after games at Fife.
6) A freezing first winter at Aviemore.
7) My first game playing for Scotland.
8) My first game playing for Great Britain.

Prior to arriving at Lee Valley Robin had iced with Aviemore Blackhawks, Fife Flyers, Streatham Redskins (during the period he called them classy, what a coincidence!), Nottingham Panthers, Chelmsford Chieftains, Harringay Racers and Slough Jets, in addition to playing in Canada and South Africa.