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Download some Lions wallpaper to brighten up your desktop. Each image is provided in two sizes, so check your display settings to make sure you download the right size for your monitor. You can check your settings by right-clicking an empty part of your desktop and choosing Properties (Windows users).

Please note that these images have been provided for you to use as wallpaper on your own PC only. They must not be re-distributed, printed or used for any other commercial or non-commercial purpose. If you would like to use any of the images for anything other than desktop wallpaper on your own PC then please contact me so that I can obtain permission for you from the person who donated the image – it’s only fair – thanks.

We start off with an image featuring Jim Graves and Randy Oswald, which was kindly donated by Jim.

You can set the image as your wallpaper by left-clicking the link (shown below) to open the photo, then right-clicking it and choosing “Set as Background.” Alternatively, you can save the image and change your display settings via the Control Panel or by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing Properties. To save the photo without viewing it on-screen first just right-click the link and choose Save Picture As… or Save Target As… and choose where you want to save it to.

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The Dundonald International Ice Bowl opened on 22nd September 1986, and as there were no local hockey teams some of the Lee Valley Lions and Streatham Redskins joined forces and flew over to Ireland to play an exhibition match. The team photo shown here was kindly supplied to me by the webmaster of the Streatham Redskins site, Geoff Lockwood, who obtained permission for me to use it from Head Coach Adam Goldstone, so my thanks go to them both.

The photo shows Jari Virta (I think), Janne Lehti, Manager Mike Smith, Andy Leggatt, Vesa Pennanen and Mark Nicholls for the Lions. Steve James and Tony Goldstone played for the Redskins at the time and joined the Lions a few seasons later.

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