Video Clips

Here are a few video clips of Lions’ matches and TV appearances, transferred from VHS video to my computer, then in recent years onto YouTube. As the tapes were all at least 10 years old when I put them onto my PC back in around 2000 or 2001 and I was restricted by the technology available at the time, it’s not surprising the quality isn’t great. I originally had the videos available in WMV format, but these days it’s easier to watch them on YouTube.

The copyright on these clips remains with the original cameramen or programme-makers, although I created the clips from video tapes and put them into a format suitable for internet use.

Lions -v- Dumfries Vikings

Some cracking goals from the Lions’ 9-7 win against Dumfries Vikings, 18/09/94. Captured by Wire TV:

Paul Gretch goal:

Jim Latos goal 1:

Jim Latos goal 2:

Jon Beckett goal:

Ford Escort TV Advertisement

Greg Moore getting checked on a TV ad for Ford Escorts (blink and you’ll miss him – much like his time with the Lions, really, because he sodded off to Bracknell as soon as they realised the Lions had found themselves a good player). Not sure who the other player is, possibly Darrin Zinger?:

Big Breakfast

Jim Latos playing the Beat the Banger game on Channel 4’s Big Breakfast programme:

Scott Bonner at Swindon

Scott Bonner “tossing the cabre” at a Swindon game where the Lions lost 1-21:

Lions -v- Swindon

Full Wire TV footage of the away game at Swindon where we lost 1-21. Includes Brian Biddulph and Scott Bonner (as above) being sent off:

Lions v Medway Bears

Footage of a home game against Medway Bears during the 1987/88 season (two parts):

Dundee Stars v Lee Valley Lions (Radeghast Trophy):

Little Angels – Do You Wanna Riot?

The Little Angels recorded their video at the Ice Centre and the Lions featured in it. The band left their mark by scratching their name into the plexi at the Clock End.