Deryk Beeson confirmed as Lions’ new manager

I’m pleased to announce that the Lee Valley Lions committee has voted Deryk Beeson as the ED1 Lions’ new Manager and Sue Ranby will be assisting. The club is in talks with a number of coaches and I hope to announce some good news about the new coach shortly.

In the meantime, Deryk already has lots of thoughts and ideas for the upcoming season, so I encourage you to read his statement below:

After learning of Pete Osborne’s departure a few weeks ago I was approached and asked if I would be interested in taking over the management of the ED1 side. Taking on this role would require time and commitment and I needed to be sure that if I took on the role I would have something to give. After giving the matter much thought I have agreed to manage the team this year and it is a challenge I look forward to. I will be ably assisted (and corrected where necessary!) by Sue Ranby who will be acting as Assistant Manager.

I am pleased that more than a few of the players from last season have expressed an interest in returning. I hope that the supporters who came last year will continue their support (and bring others!) and those that assisted on games days will again come forward with their help.

Last season was the first one back in senior hockey for the Lions. No one believed it would be easy and it wasn’t. As the fixtures list shows we played 20 games, lost 20 and finished bottom. It is a testament to the character of those that stayed loyal, both on and off the ice, under such circumstances.

As well as looking after the overall administration of the team I will be responsible for the ethics of the team, which is even more important, in my opinion.

Last year we gave an excellent account of ourselves in a number of games (those against Haringey, Cardiff at home, Invicta away to name a few). We did not in others. We were capable of taking points off of teams last season and we should have done. We had talented players and we had committed players but things didn’t quite come together as a team.

This season we need to play with the same level of commitment and motivation shown in our last game at every game. I believe that a “disciplined ship is a good ship” and discipline is imperative to our chances of success this year. This applies equally to training as it does playing. Players, either new or returning, who either cannot or will not commit to this principle will not be needed.

We will start this season as the basement boys from last year, and the team that others will expect to take points off of. I enjoy a challenge and the more the odds are against us in the minds of others the more determined we should be, and the greater the advantage we have. I am determined that this year will be a considerable improvement on the last. I believe it is important to have a publically-stated objective. Whereas it is not reasonable to expect us to be challenging at the top of the league this year it is achievable with the right attitude to finish at least three places up on last season and this will be our goal. The aim over the years to follow will be to gradually reach the upper echelons of the league.

I look forward to meeting again those players from last year who will be coming to trials in July (from 11th July, times to be announced) as well of those hoping to become new members of the team. I wish you all the best of luck.

I hope to have the opportunity to meet and speak with as many supporters as possible this year and if there is anything you would like to ask I will do my best to help. Julianne will forward any questions or comments made via the Contact Us page.

Finally, I enjoy motivational phrases, and for those looking to join the Lions this season I leave you with this one from the Art of War written by Sun Tzu: “Every battle is won or lost before it is fought.” Worthy of consideration, I think.

Regards & best wishes,