Obituary – Marian Tingey

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of Marian Tingey. Marian was a staunch Lions supporter who used to sit alongside me in the front row of Block 8, in the Clock End. Jack McGill contacted me to let me know she had passed away….

Jack says:

“I post with great sadness the news of Marian Tingey’s death. She passed peacefully last week at age 65, after a short illness. Many will remember her as a warm and friendly lady who supported the Lions from start to finish from the clock end with her 3 children (Sandy, David and Peter) and at most away games she could be found cheering with the rest of us.

“What many did not know was she was also a sponsor of the team through the hard times and the good, towards the end of the Lions she helped to run the clock end shop and was a tireless proponnent of Hockey. In fact it was Marian and the kids that encouraged me to come and see a Hockey game for myself and for me at least it was a life changing experience.

Hockey has lost a great fan, the family have lost a mother and I have lost one of the closest friends I have ever had.”

Thanks to Jack for his kind words on behalf of a lovely lady.