Thanks and farewell from Beverly

Beverly Irish, the Lions’ hard-working and kind-hearted manager for the past two seasons has decided to step down and hand over the reins to Tina Ball. Beverly’s asked me to post the following statement:

I have had a very enjoyable time managing the team, which I owe to the Lions themselves. I was surprised how quickly I became fond of them and it’s an experience I will always cherish.

There is a lot of hard work in managing a team and it cannot be done by one person alone. Fortunately I have had an army of helpers – from the Committee, Chair Liz Sarginson, U14s Manager Karen Greene, John Bonner, Valeriu Iosub, Erwin Go, Simon Crosse, Coach Tim Schofield and Coach George Alley, Team Coach Gary Dodds and bench helper, Nick Gosling. I’ve also been helped by No 1 helper amongst the parents, Tina Ball, plus Photographer Patrick Ayling, Joseph Berry, Graphic Designer, the sponsors for the programme covers and sponsors for the team’s new kit! all of whom I am extremely grateful to. Without them it would not have been possible for me to fulfil my role as Team Manager.

From the beginning of my reign, I set myself a few targets to reach; one was a new ice hockey kit for the team. As much as I adored the design of the team’s kit, I longed to see the players in an uniform home & away kit, with matching shirts, pants covers, socks and most importantly, I desired to see their names on the back of their shirts. Another target was to produce programme covers for both the seniors and juniors. Both of these projects turned out to be very time consuming and expensive to implement.

Though I take pride in that all targets have been achieved, I cannot ignore the simple fact that they would not have been implemented, if it was not for the help of a handful of hardworking helpers. Thus I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the following: Head Coach Eddie Joseph, Julianne Bonner, the Team’s Photographer for 7 years, the designer of the team’s kit and programme covers, Mike Teahan, Match Day Announcer and senior programme-maker, Chris Bailey, Lee Valley Technician who processed the printing of the programme covers and Sparkles Cleaning Services, who gave the lion’s share of sponsorship for the team’s new kit.

My role as Team Manager has helped to deepen my respect for my predecessors. I wish to pay tribute to Manager Deryk Beeson, as not only did he give of his time but he generously gave of his own finances. Also, during his time he introduced a new team kit. Manager Sharon Prince, who gave 10 years to the club managing the senior and junior teams (while husband Ian coached the seniors for 7 years). Manager Sue Ranby, who gave 8 years as team manager for the senior and junior teams. Sue, along with Ex-Chair Toni Grant, has been a great pillar of support to me, when facing difficult situations. I mustn’t forget Pete Osborne, who was the Lions’ manager in their first season, aided by his wife, Heather.

Finally I would like to congratulate my successor, Tina Ball, someone who has already demonstrated her interest in the team. I wish her all the best for the coming seasons and a roaring fun time with the Lions.


I’m sure everyone associated with the Lions will join with me in saying a massive thank-you to Beverly for the fantastic job she’s done and wish her all the very best.