Farewell to Deryk

The Lions’ fab Manager, Deryk Beeson, is reluctantly unable to continue in his role for the 2007/08 season. Taking over will be last season’s Assistant Manager, Sue Ranby. Everyone involved with the club will no doubt agree that Deryk brought a great deal of enthusiasm, commitment and good humour to the team – through all the highs and lows of last season. Thank you, Deryk, for all that you’ve done for our club and we’re glad you’ll still be giving us your support.

Anyway, that’s enough from me, here’s what Deryk’s got to say:

“Due to new business and family commitments which have arisen I have taken the decision not to manage the Lee Valley Lions ED1 side for the coming season. I very much enjoyed the experience of managing the team last year and I honestly will miss not doing so this year.

“My thanks go out to the many people without whose help the team would not have completed the season. In particular (but in no particular order) my thanks go to the team, Sergey, Julianne Bonner, the Prince family, my wife, Michael Teahan, Sue Ranby, Eddie Joseph, Tony Boot, Toni Grant, Ian Grant, and rink staff.

“Sue Ranby will be managing the team this year and she has my very best wishes. Please support Sue and give her as much help as you can. Sue and the team of helpers she has chosen have a great deal of experience of ice hockey and I am sure they will do a very good job of it. Please remember that the people who run the team do not get paid and often spend their own money to support the team as well as very many hours in making sure ice hockey stays at Lee Valley. The team could not be left in the hands of a more dedicated group of people.

“I will be spending time with Sue and her staff to help Lee Valley get ready for next season and I will always have a great fondness for the Lions and the people around the club. I have made many new friends whilst at the club and I look forward to continuing these friendships.

“I look forward to seeing the Lions continuing their progress up the league table. Good luck lads” – Deryk Beeson.