Lions secure first win of new season

Lee Valley Lions were on the road for their first of four games against the Invicta Mustangs on 25 October. The Lions went to Invicta with every intention of taking all the points and it took no less than a minute to get things rolling. At 0:32 Nick Alley found the net for the Lions, unassisted. The Lions piled on the pressure and were rewarded with a goal at 4:57, Grant Bignell netting his first of the season with an assist from Nick Alley and a further assist from Mark Robinson. At 14:33 the Lions showed the Mustangs that they are just as dangerous on the penalty-kill as they are even-strength. Captain Jay Hepburn netted his first of the season, assisted by Jarvis Mewett and Nick Alley.

End of 1st Period Lions 3 – 0 Mustangs

The 2nd period seemed to be a different game completely as the Mustangs came out ready for a match. The Lions soaked up the pressure, speed and hits that Invicta threw at them, and within a few minutes the Lions were back dictating the flow of the game. It took the Lions a little over 5 minutes to find the net and at 25:16 Mark Robinson was able to fire home his third goal of the season, unassisted. The Lions were full of confidence at this point and at 29:28 Nick Alley was able to find the net for the second time of the night. Less than 2 minutes passed and at 31:21 Alley was able to complete his hat-trick, Grant Bignell the provider. The Lions were back at it again at 33:41, Max Gerstain securing his first goal of the season, assisted by Nick Alley.

End of 2nd Period Lions 7 – 0 Mustangs

The 3rd Period saw the Lions off to a great start, much like the 1st period, a goal at 41:55 giving Nick Alley his fourth of the night. Assists came from Matt Drake and Jarvis Mewett. The Mustangs finally got the better of Aaron Mallet at 47:25, Kwame Holt finding the net for Invicta’s 1st goal of the season, Daniel Clayton & Bradley Gutridge with the assists. At 49:15 the Mustangs found the net again, Bradley Gutridge the scorer, Daniel Clayton and Jake Luton with the assists.

Final Score Lions 8 – 2 Mustangs

MOM Invicta – Thomas Oliver Mallett
MOM Lee Valley – Nick Alley

Nick Alley 4+3, Grant Bignell 1+1, Jay Hepburn 1+1, Mark Robinson 1+1, Max Gerstein 1+0, Jarvis Mewett 0+2 & Matt Drake 0+1