Lions knocked by well-drilled Islanders

Lee Valley Lions played away for the first of four encounters against Peterborough Islanders on 3 November. The Islanders thrashed Haringey the previous week 13 – 2 so the Lions knew they had a hard game ahead. In the first period the Lions spent the majority of the time in their own end defending, proving that the Islanders were as good as they expected. James Tipple, who started his first game of the season, showed he is more the capable of protecting the net for the Lions.

End of 1st period: Lions 0 – 3 Islanders

The second period began slightly differently to the first as the Lions seemed to have lost their bus legs and picked up their speed. It all kicked off when Tipple froze the puck and a Islander player was a little too close for Matt Drake’s liking. Drake tried to move the guy after he had made contact with Tipple after the whistle, he was set upon by two Islanders forcing (The Doctor) to step in. Two scraps went on in front of the net, James Hepburn leaving an Islander seeking medical attention. All involved received a 2 + 2 for roughing. The Islanders managed to find the net again before the end of the second period, but not before Stuart Spence had do defend himself against another Islanders attack.

End of 2nd period: Lions 0 – 4 Islanders

The final period seemed to be a completely different game; both teams came out knowing neither team was going to be bullied into defeat and all that was left now was to play hockey. Peterborough were first to score, but the Lions stuck at it and were finally rewarded with a goal from Matt Drake, assisted by Mark Robinson. Joe Weare was also involved in fisticuffs before the end of the game.

Final score : Lions 1 – 5 Islanders

MOM Islanders : #60
MOM Lions : #37 James Tipple

Drake 1 + 0, Robinson 0 + 1